Cadillac is proud to announce its third year of sponsorship at the 2016 Sole DXB exposition. The event is a communication platform catering towards urban and alternative culture in the Middle East which compels people to think differently, create distinctively, and communicate effectively. It aims to inspire and encourage growth within the design and progressive fashion sector in the region.

“In designing a luxury vehicle, the color and materials are selected to exude boldness and personal expression, and the trends that punctuate other industries offer inspiration and insights into these details,” said Nadim Ghrayeb, Regional Sales and Marketing Manager, Cadillac Middle East. “Cadillac’s vehicles are distinguishable for their originality and authenticity, two values that are embodied by Sole DXB. On this front, we are especially excited to contribute to one of the event’s main focal points, the relaunch of the RAP London brand.”

This year at the event, which will take place on November 18 and 19 at Dubai Design District, Cadillac and Sole DXB will celebrate the rebirth of the iconic streetwear brand, RAP London, 20 years after it closed its doors. Originally launched in 1984 by Moroccan-born designer Hassan Hajjaj, RAP was a founding pillar of what of we now consider as streetwear. Relaunched, the label will showcase 12 unisex pieces at Sole DXB: six taken from the RAP archives and contemporized for 2016, and another six brand new pieces inspired by the cultural movements of today’s NYC and London.

Additionally, the film “Style Wars”, presented by Cadillac, Sole DXB, and Cinema Akil will have its national premiere at the festival. The film captures key moments that have shaped, drawn from, and influenced the hip hop and street art movement from the early ‘80s until today. The program will be followed by a conversation with Henry Chalfant, one of the foremost authorities on subway art and urban youth culture in New York City, and Carlos Mare, a NYC based sculptor and painter who in 1985 pioneered a novel version of urban graffiti as modern sculpture.