Cadillac hosts the youngest Arab to climb Mount Everest

Cadillac’s exclusive Jordanian distributor, Abu Khader Automotive, sponsored Omra Samra’s participation at The Speaker’s Session

The collaboration is part of the brand's initiative to support inspirational and motivational individuals around the world

Amman, Jordan – In line with Cadillac’s ‘Dare Greatly’ campaign, the most recent event held by The Speakers Session was hosted by the brand’s Jordanian distributor, Abu Khader Automotive, and featured Omar Samra, the first Egyptian and youngest-ever Arab to climb Mount Everest.

Samra shared his experience of climbing the highest mountain in the world from the first base camp, all the way to the summit, demonstrating the energy and sheer determination that led him to achieve his goal. The event also provided a platform for several local social media influencers who spoke about Cadillac’s initiative to support up and coming talent.

Commenting on the collaboration, Taher Al Husseini, General Manager of Leading Vehicles Company said: "We are committed to showcasing inspirational individuals as part of Cadillac’s worldwide efforts to push boundaries and drive systematic change.”

As part of the collaboration, the brand’s flagship model, Cadillac Escalade, and the new crossover Cadillac XT5 were available for the audience to experience.